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HJA Client Portal


Please note that iPad users must login via the NetClient CS application (by Thomson Reuters) from the Apple App Store.

Click here to download the HJA Client Portal user’s manual (9 pages, 1 MB).

We encourage all first-time users to read our illustrated manual, as doing so will help you get better acquainted with the portal. You are also welcome to take a look at the frequently asked questions to the right.

If you find that you need further assistance with the portal, please email or call (515) 245-3737.

How do I set up an HJA Client Portal account?
If you would like to begin using the HJA Client Portal, contact our administrative staff at (515) 245-3737. They will verify your identity and then request that you send an email to with a brief written request to use the portal.
What are the benefits of using the portal?
The HJA Client Portal is fast, safe, environmentally friendly, and makes it unnecessary for you to wait for your return to arrive in the mail. Its secure two-way street allows our firm to share sensitive information with you, and vice versa.
Why are there no documents in my portal?
There may be no documents in your ClientFlow folder if we have not yet completed a return for you since your portal account was registered. If you would like prior year returns published to the portal, please contact us.